Okay code red alert....need help over here.

okay my ex don't know if she wants to get back with me. said she's thinking about it...that is what she says to me. to her friends she says she still has feelings for me still loves me and is just waiting until she sees I change...i have now I just have to find a way to prove it.

our mutual friend as in a mutual friend of my ex and i. anyway she asked me to have my birthday party at her house (the mutal friend asked). I said yeah cool. and unknown to me she invited my ex...and my ex said yes and showed for my birthday party. we laughed had some fun. she stayed for 5 hours. laughing having a good time...told them funny stories from our relationship. just had a good time.

my question is if I reallty really really want to get back with her and she is thinking...after a good night like this What should my next move be.


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  • Move on. She is your ex for a reason.


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  • Do you think there is a great risk in telling her your really want to get back together? If she doesn't know this, it could be a big part of what holds her from taking steps. You may not actually need proof of how you changed if the communication shows you acting through that change (depending on the nature of this change).


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