Boyfriend getting out of hand? I'm not gay!

Okay, long story short. My Best Friend spent the night last night because she missed the train back to her house. Me and my boyfriend live at my parents house currently so he has his own room down stairs. I didn't want to wake anybody up so me and my best friend just stayed in the same room. We have been friends since we were 14!

He supposedly heard noises from my room, and is accusing us of being INVOLVED I guess!

This is absolutely ridiculous. Me and my best friend only see and hang out with eat other maybe once or twice every 2 months! So naturally we are gonna talk for hours and catch up! And we also just came back from a concert so we had A LOT to talk about!

This is not the 1st account. Years ago when we first went out he did this and we broke up and didn't talk for about 4 months before we went back to being friends.

My question is how do I deal with this? My first instinct is to say F*&K IT! But we've been together so long, and we live together. But I have a very low tolerance for jealousy, distrust and accusations when your an honest person


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  • He clearly has trust issues. That's not something that gets better with time, especially if it has happened before. All you can really do is make it very clear that there was/is nothing going on with anyone except him, and that if he can't trust you, it's a problem. If that's not good enough for him, you have a tough decision to make.


What Girls Said 1

  • he sounds jealous and kind of a meanie if you ask me. why in the world would a guy accuse his girlfriend of fooling around with another girl is beyond me. if he can't honestly accept who you are and that you have girl friends who you hang out with than I really don't know what to say. all I can think of is maybe you two need to get your own place so you can carry on with your relationship. that may be why he's acting so insecure. take care.


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