Should I just back away?

I've been casually seeing this guy I guess that's what we call it. We haven't made anything serious but we do occasionally sleep together. We usually text everyday with him initiating. Well last week he said something that made me mad and I told him that I'm not speaking to him again. Well last night I texted him "punk" he replied "?" So then I never texted back. 30 min later he text saying " you can text punk but you can't text me happy birthday this week" I said I never knew when his birthday was and asked when was it his reply "the day after you said you wasn't speaking to me anymore". So then I told him haapy late birthday. Well he didn't respond back with thanks and the next morning and then I asked how was it and he still has not replied. Normally he doesn't take him long to reply to me so should I just not contact him anymore?


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  • Lol, no offense, but I like how you start with "We haven't made anything serious, but we do occasionally sleep together." Sorry, but you've made a number of mistakes here. How long have you been casually seeing each other?

    • Well I was seeing someone long distance when I started hanging with him. At first we would just hang out but then the guy I was seeing long distance we started having problems so I slept with this guy.. since April but we haven't had sex in about 2 months

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    • Well I guess why question it worth me even trying to make it right? Since we were not in anything serious

    • It's hard for me to say since I don't know him. If he seems like the type of person who would forgive you and not hold a grudge, if you still like him and still want a relationship and everything was others good in your relationships, then you should consider it.

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