Should I call her or make no move?

I recently saw this girl from a different city , stayed there and we and some friend hung out . I think she liked me , she kept touching my arm, walking with her arm around mine one night , always sharing food with me , and seemed to try to get my attention and spend time with me apart from other friends.

She has a boyfriend and has for a while . She always says how he won't be there for her or how she doesn't like him and wants to dump him. I didn't really make any move cause of that . that's just not how I would want anything to happen.

Overall I do think she likes me and I like her a lot

Since then she has texted me and called me.

Should I ever take it into my hands and call her myself or just wait till she contacts me and see form there? seeing as she has a boyfriend


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  • I would say don't make any moves until she officially breaks up with her current bf...


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