Should I date his ex? Or honor the bro code for a semi bro?

A friend of mine (well we aren't good friends we really have only hung out like twice but we're cool and we always talk and chill for a minute when we see each other) has recently ended a relationship with a girl and has been trying hard to get her back the only problem is she has a crush on me. Well recently he's been a total ass to me so I guess he found out too. The problem is I've done absolutely nothing to attract this girl. it's all her. I've never even spoken to her but I do think she's very attractive and would love to get to know her. Honestly I think she dumped him and not the other way around. They still talk from time to time and he's obviously been making an effort to make me dislike her. I guess my question is should I continue to stay away from this chick and honor the bro code or should I go after this girl since our status as bros is far less than sufficient.


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  • If you go after her then you need to forget about ever being friends with this guy again. If you are okay with destroying your relationship with him, for a girl then go ahead. Chances are you aren't that close anyway. As long as he isn't actually your real brother, then you would still be connected to a guy that you hurt. Doing that could destroy your family. Since he is just an acquaintance it isn't as big of a deal. Go ahead and date her if you want.


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  • I say give it a shot.

    If you honor the bro code with everyone you've ever hung out twice with, then you are doomed for life, lol.

    You won't know until you try! : )


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  • if you're only acquaintances, then there's no rules or etiquette really. Go for it. Just hope you don't see him often... if he's already being a d*** to you, then maybe he's really jealous/insecure.

    If he truly saw you as a friend, and vice versa, you guys should've talked about it by now.


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