Guys in this situation would you want the girl to make the move?

So I've known this guy for two years and I'm close with him on a professional level. Its obvious we enjoy each others company. There are times when we are talking we just gaze into each others eyes for a moment. I'm leaving officially somewhere else close by though. His always stared at me and I can see it in his eyes that his a little upset when he hears I'm leaving. There were times when I speak with him he stares deep in my eyes and looks at my eyes and lips. He quite often stares and checks out my body. His a real gentleman though. Apart from that I feel we both have a connection. His probably afraid or shy to make the first move.

So guys if you were in this situation would you want the girl to make the move and judging by what I said do you think I should or is there something to go off and do that?


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  • There is no "I should" in relationships. You do what you have to. If he's not making the move but you want a relationship, then you go and make the move. If he's interested he will say yes, if he says he's not interested it's not because you made the first move, believe me.


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  • This is what's happening to me, I wish she would give me a little bit more of sighn or something. That would be freakin awesome, I'm just gonna have to lean in for the kiss an see what happens

    Thank you for asking this question

  • Definitely. I wish girls would make a move more often in general. There's no good reason for everything to be left up to guys anymore. Get out there and fight for the guy you want ladies!

    • Motivating :) If a guy meets me halfway then I'll be more than happy to finish the other half off :D

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