Am I just over exaggerating, can he really be that busy?

So I've known my boyfriend for 6 months but we got together on August we wouldn't talk as much before I wasn't really into him at that time but he was really into me. He moved to Colorado couple months ago he owns his a house with his guy friend and he finally came back to cali on August. He was really here for his brother because his brother was going to have a baby. But when we started talking more I was getting more and more into him. He told me in person how he wants to be with me have a future and how he felt everything. After we made it official we would talk everyday but not all day, we don't see each other as much cause he lives kinda far and since he uses his dads car. But he has bailed on me every time he said he would be able to see me he says its his ride issue or his brother came by. Now I haven't seen him in 3 weeks and I might be pregnant he said he would get checked with me but he hasn't contact me in 3 days and he leaves tomorrow back to Colorado. He said if I am pregnant he will be by my side and he will come back few weeks or maybe even days. I would try calling him but no answer sometimes his texts don't work so I don't know what's going on. Am I just overexaggerating can he really be that busy?


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  • He isn't going to be there for you and the baby. He hasn't been there for you before he knew. Since you told him he's should have found any way possibly to see even if it meant you pick him up (I don't understand why you couldn't do that before if it was his car) OR he walked. He hasn't because he doesn't care.

    If men want to see you then they see you.

  • One thing I do know is when a guy wants to see you or get some he finds some way to get to you.Hopefully,you are not preggo so you can go on with your life and if you are I hope that you see that putting yout eggs into one basket with this guy is no bueno. All those excuses as to why he can't see you is irrelevant he needs to get it together. And a raw dog is a no go.


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