Is he just leading me on?

I have math with this guy and I met him during the third week of school when the teacher arranged us in a group together. Before I met him, I thought I saw him staring at me but I didn't worry about it. When we worked in a group of three, I caught him staring but he said, "nothing," and looked away but our encounters started off with teases and taunts from the beginning. Ever since then, we were allowed to choose our own groups and he has chosen to be in a group with me. I'm usually the first person to choose a table and I do switch areas every everyday, but he usually comes into class, makes extended eye contact with me and sits at my desk. Every time we work together, he either touches me by feeling my baby hairs, holding my hand sometimes, rubbing his knees against mine or hits me by flicking me on my arm and legs and kicking me. I still catch him looking at me but we end up staring at each other instead of him looking down. Two days ago, he took one of my bracelets and forgot to give it back to me. The next day, he said he left it at home and took another one of my bracelets which he didn't give back so know he has two of my bracelets. After knowing him a week, he put his info in my planner along with his number so we've texted three times but nothing special. I know he's flirting and I've watched him interact with other girls to make a comparison and the main difference is how physical he is with me. Just the other day he was knocking his knee against mine so after about 5 minutes of this, I wrapped my feet around his leg that was hitting me. He was definitely shocked but he didn't move and we stayed like that for several minutes. What throws me off is when we are in the hallway together, he walks so fast away from me when we stop talking. Some days it seems like he's avoiding me especially on test days when we don't get to talk in class and he doesn't acknowledge me at all when he enters class or leaves those days. He also doesn't acknowledge me at lunch except for a few glances.


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  • What is the point of this question, its blatantly obvious he likes you and is just shy, date him and get it over with


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