Ex boyfriend wants to get lunch to catch up. Thoughts?

He broke up with my about 4.5 months ago right before I was going abroad for the summer for an internship. It was out of the blue and unexpected since everything was going just fine between us. He said his decision to break up had nothing to do with my summer abroad and he felt as though we weren't a good enough match, even though we'd been together for one year and everything was great. He also said his decision was made up and he wouldn't change his mind about the break up... We didn't speak until a couple of nights ago through text when I messaged him asking if he was okay from an explosion that had occurred on campus that day. He responded and proceeded to carry conversation. At the end he asked if I would want to get lunch sometime next week to catch up. I know he could just want to CATCH UP, but am I in the wrong to hope there could be more...? From a guys perspective what do you think?

(Over the summer his mom contacted me twice. One of the conversations she started off with "I just got back from hanging out with X(my ex) this weekend and thought of you...". He also grew out a hideous beard all of summer...post break up beard? But why? He's the one who broke up with me)

Side note: He never deleted our profile pictures together on Facebook (yes maybe he's just not the type to care to do that). I deleted mine though last week in an attempt to help myself move on and the next day he changed his default to a picture I'd taken of him on one of the last times we were out together. Do guys even think about who took the picture?

Does any of this mean ANYTHING? Or am I just hopelessly pathetic...


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  • It's reasonable to wonder but you won't know until you talk to him. Maybe he does only want to catch up. Maybe there is more. You can't rule either out until you hear him out.

    Guys tend to be less sentimental about pictures so I wouldn't put too much weight on specific pictures and their potential meaning.


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