Confused about Co-Worker.

We've worked together nearly five months and have always been on friendly terms. We never inquire too much about personal matters, but she is cool to talk to. In my time working with her, there has been a few times where I have caught her looking at me only to quickly avert her gaze. Sometimes consecutively.

She hadn't done this for a while, but the last time it happened, she turned her back to me and began talking to someone else. The following day, when I arrive she is quick to greet me. The next, doesn't acknowledge me. I've avoided ever since because I don't have time for craziness. I don't know if she is misreading my actions; I'm misreading her's or both.

I am not interested. I am just the type to evaluate everything - whether it affects me or not. The fack is up with this girl?


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  • Maybe she just doesn't feel like saying "Hi" to her co-workers all the time. It sounds like you're reading too much into it. Just continue to act like everything's normal.


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