Stuck between a hard place! Advice please!

This question kind of goes to my last question about moving out. I want to make the decision to move out because my mom seems like she hates me. This has been going on for a few years already and I need to go because I am going insane here. She picks fights with me over NOTHING and I'm tired of her abuse. I am currently a phone sex operator and started a webcam model job. together, I have more than a stable income to move out but I am stuck in a hard place because I am a Christian! I feel like God is not going to bless me while I do these jobs but the thing these jobs are temporary, just until I can get my car to go back to church and apply for an actual job. That's my plan! If I look for a job now, I won't have a way to get there and it would be a big pay cut which means longer to save up for my car and get my own apartment. I love God and I know he hates my job(s) but I'm just trying to get closer to him and get my life in a happier state and I'm doing it all on my own. It's hard... Am I on the right track? Would God condemn me for this? Advice please.


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  • Have you read the bible god forgives a lot of sh*t and bible thumpers will tell you you're wrong but you have to do what you have to do and move out

    • I'm just suffering mentally and emotionally living with my family. My mom is just too much. Too toxic and I am 24 years old being stuck with family, So I think this move will bring happiness and opportunities in my life. I know they aren't the most desirable jobs but It can get me to where I want to be which is a car, going to church and saving up for my apartment, faster than a minimum wage job can offer. Thank you for being so understanding!

    • Don't let anyone judge you! If they aren't in your shoes or know your life they have no right to judge

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