I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but hear me out.

So I have a situation on my hands. I'm dating 2 guys at the same time. One guy moved to my college town from my hometown and we started talking and hanging out a lot. He would try super hard by cooking for me and paying for my drinks whenever we would go out. However, he never took me on an official date. He took me out to eat like once but that was it. We started spending so much time together it made me uncomfortable and he started getting very close with my friends and I got jealous. I ended up having to leave for the summer so I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore and wished him luck. I go back home for summer and meet a new guy through my friends. He's sweet, older and took me out on a bunch of dates. I ended up sleeping with him on his birthday after I bought him dinner and a present. Unfortunately I had to come back to school for this semester. I didn't think I was going to be back this semester due to housing issues.

I end up talking to my friend again and we take off where we left off- being friends and spending a bunch of time together. We would always go out together and one night we ended up falling asleep together in my room because my roommate had a guy over. We cuddled and fell asleep. The next night was the same thing except we made out. We ended up hooking up and spending a whole week together, it was awesome.

The older guy texts me everyday to ask me how I'm doing. He drove up to visit me once and took me out to the movies. He wanted to surprise me with a visit one weekend but I couldn't hang out because I was with my guy friend. I told him I didn't want any distractions from school and that I couldn't handle doing a long distance thing although I like him. He still wants to make it work.

Ever since I hooked up with my guy friends things have gotten extremely weird and awkward. I didn't see this coming. Ever since we started talking again, I was the one who took initiative to invite him out to places and stuff and he would do pretty much anything I asked him to do. He still does. However lately when we've been hanging out I haven't been having fun at all and I feel like things are weird. I feel extremely insecure with our friendship so we fight a lot. We had "the talk" like 2 days ago and I told him I didn't want to be his girlfriend and that it was freaking me out that he was treating me like one. We were drunk so I don't remember entirely what he said, but he said something along the lines of "well I haven't ask you to be my girlfriend because I don't want one" blah blah. I said well you are treating me like one and it makes me uncomfortable. He's also introduced me to all his friends and family and they all think we're together. Even when we go out in public he lingers really close to me and gets clingy. It's really annoying. I like hanging out with him like how it was when we first started talking but now I can't really stand him. I told him about the other guy and he gave pretty much gave no reaction.
My problem. Should I pick the older guy? I have no drama with him, the only problem is he still lives in my hometown.

I really like my guy friend but like I said I don't feel comfortable with where we are. He even told me he loved me last week but I pretended not to hear him. My best friend says that me and my guy friend are probably not going to work out from what I told her, which is sad because he knows how to make me happy.


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  • I'm reading this post and it sounds to me like you're stuck in limbo. You're trying to obtain something you had in the past. Unfortunately you've made some choices and those choices have taken you somewhere you did not intend to go.

    I recommend taking a step back and focusing on finding your missing clarity. I don't believe you should be involving yourself with ether guy. At least not until you've sorted out the mess you've created.

    • With who do you think I'm stuck in the past with? Also, I appreciate the non-judgemental answer.

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    • You mean our level of friendship? I feel like I would probably pick him if he asked me to be his girlfriend but he's just so weird, he'll accept horrible behavior from me and do anything I ask him to do, I just wish he would be straight up with me.

    • I thought you didn't want to be his girlfriend and the fact he was treating you like one made you uncomfortable? You're confusing.

      You're like an intersection with all street lights flashing green, yellow, and red simultaneously.

  • and to make matters worse, one guy is a vampire and the other is werewolf, right?


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