Why do you think my ex-boyfriend's family was staring at me?

I was at the store and saw my ex bf's stepdad and brother. At first, I saw the stepdad. I acted like I did not see him but he stared at me like I know her. I saw his brother but looked away. Next thing I looked up the brother is staring at me like a statue while I am sitting. I thought that was awkward? Was they trying to speak to me? Is my ex still talking about me?


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  • Id say so , still talking about you because they don't like you now. Also you saying my EX Boyfriend is passive aggressive talk, so try my past partner instead .xxxx

    • u think my ex is still talking about why?

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    • he end it...and because I was virgin and he went away to college.

    • He must of said negative things to them WHY he ended it , like its your fault or something like that . Try instead of them pissing you off with there looking at you , this= The best revenge is to have a great life , so next time you see them , smile and say HI as you walk past. har , I note you said "I was a Virgin " you sexy thing you . xxxx

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  • They probably thought it was awkward too.


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