Why could he be defending his ex girlfriend?

I've been dealing with his ex calling /texting since we been together. He protects his ex from all drama. He don't mention me to her even though she knows about me. When I'm around he hands me the phone and only want me to call her one time. I can't text her or call her with questions unless he brings her up. Yes we talked about the situation with his ex . He said he wasn't gonna text her back and he do anyway. Whether it's good or bad he will still talk about her. He know where she stay so he prevent from seeing her to avoid drama with me. He be mean to her and push her away but refuse to let me make myself known. She sound just like I do and have the same middle name as me. he talk about her to his friends and family bad but acts a certain way. He don't wanna be in videos at home with me and on social network he refuse to let his whole family meet me. he has no pictures of me so they can know who I am. It's like I'm dating myself. When a person comments on the picture on my page when it's directed to him, he ignores it. He even have a lock code on his phone. I deploy next week so idk. he blocked her but later I found out they always block each other. They call on a phone app.


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  • He hasn't moved on obviously, and if you go away, he'll probably try to cheat on you.

    This is a really unhealthy situation. You should break up with him.


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