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Me and my boyfriend of 7 months got back together after about almost 2weeks of breaking up because he had told me he was in love with his ex and had gotten back together with her.Then he apologized and yes I took him back.The ex has always been all over his fb and also some other girl he dated.Now I asked him to remove the pictures but he said I was always complaining so even though he loves me we should just end it.Was I wrong by asking him to take down the pictures if he is truly over her?.He has pictures of him and 2 of his ex's on his fb.


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  • he probably kept her on the side and doesn't want to remove the pictures incase his ex/bit on the side complains/is suspicious if she doesn't know he's back with you and he can't see how he can successfully cheat on both of you if he's running into difficulties already so just offloaded you with a bs excuse

    i wouldn't feel comfortable if he still had pictures of a girl he told you only 2 weeks prior he was in love with

    • Yeah I told him straight up I was feeling insecure and this time I won't turn back unless the pictures are down because even if he is over her,its just weird.

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  • hell no you are not wrong to ask,if he broke up with you because of her why the hell would he need pics of any exs? sounds like he needs his EGO rubbed,insecure douche bag

  • do they still have any interactions? text? fb chats...

    old pictures?

    if you are not happy and he is not working it out, then move on

    • Yes.they have pictures and are friends on fb.Seems like he is afraid the other girl will suspect something if he removes the pictures.

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