Are we getting back together?

This guy and I were dating over the summer for about a month. We are both athletes at a D one school where academics are a priority. We both got a long really well, but he wasn't ready for a relationship because his sports season was about to start and he wouldn't have time. I understand because I am in the same situation. Anyways I wanted to make sure we were still friends and he said of course and that it didn't have to be like that for good. He just needed to focus on his season and school right now. Then it was weird and he wouldn't talk to me. I got angry and asked why he was ignoring me. I said I didn't want to wait around if he wouldn't even talk to me. We didn't talk for a week and then I apologized and said I should have just listened to him at the time I was just worried he was making an excuse to me. He texted me the next day asking how I've been and we have been texting on and off now for the past. He is still really busy but wants to try and catch up in the next week. How should I act around him? I still have feelings for him, do you think he feels the same way if he is willing to catch up and still talks to me?


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  • Treat him like you would a friend


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