Why do some guys turn their phones off when they argue with their girlfriend?

my boyfriend always turn his phone off when are arguing or he is mad. he has ex baggage and I'm tired of his ex calling/texting him. he's not doing anything about it. he say he won't reply but he do respond to her. I even talked to him about his ex repeatedly. we been together for almost a year and she still call/text his phone. he blocked her number but they always block each other. they talk through an app. his phone be on silent at night and most of the time he be on the phone late at night. was I wrong for getting into a relationship when his ex wasn't done with him? last night she called and he gave the phone to me. he never want me to call her when I'm not around, he just read the text messages or respond. but all of a sudden I'm around and you pass me the phone. I called her back but only one time. he takes his phone after that because it has a lock on it.


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  • Why is he still in touch with his ex


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