Why won't she let me leave but also won't come back?

I refuse to be her best friend instead of her boyfriend. We had a very intimate relationship for a while and then we broke up. She knows I won't talk to her if she has a boyfriend so she always hides them as long as she can. Honestly I love this girl but I'm not gonna be the desperate clinger best friend especially since we've done WAY to much together to be just friends. So today she cancelled a date with me because of her boyfriend, that I knew nothing about, complained they weren't spending enough time together. So I told her in the nicest possible way not to contact me unless she was single. I've already been an active participant in ending some of her former relationships and although I ended up with her in the end it did nothing but make me paranoid. So I refuse to do it again. Mostly I want to know if I've done the right thing and why exactly is she doing this in the first place. And please don't bash her she's not a bad person and simply placing negative labels on people does nothing to actually help understand other.


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  • I completely think you did the righ thing


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