To fight or not to fight?

She keeps leading me on. It's obvious that we like each other. But when we dated she broke up with me within a week. So when I tried to leave like a normal ex she insisted that I stay and be her friend. She even cried when I told her I was leaving but this is after she dumped me. we've been friends for years now. I'm not even sure if I can call her just a friend. I've caused a couple of her break ups and I'm starting to feel like she's doing it on purpose. It almost feels like she wants me to end her relationships for her. She knows I won't speak to her if she's in a relationship so she hides her boyfriends as long as possible. I fought for her once and it did nothing but leave me feeling paranoid. I would honestly be happy with having her by my side for the rest of my life but not if I can't have the security of knowing she's not going anywhere.


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  • Your expectations of security are a tad too high. Stability is good but don't think too far cause she might not be on the same page. Tell her again that you really like her and see what she says, if she doesn't want to then tell her that you don't want to be too close.

    • Oh I've told her several times how I felt and she always says crap like "you know I still love you" but won't do anything to fix it. I reread the post and I realized I wrote it in frustration and didn't word it well. It's not like I'm asking for too much just some time were I'm not feeling like I have to compete for her with some random guy or an ex from years ago.

    • Tell her exactly what you told me :) and ask her that if she still loves you then why are you two not together. If she's giving you more crap then just tell her that you don't want to feel like this anymore.

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