Will she ever contact me again?

My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for 8 months. Recently we began talking about moving in together, me buying a diamond for her eventual engagement ring, getting a dog together etc. We also had some trust issues (on her part) that although I said I was over I apparently was not because I brought it up a lot. I'm not going to go into detail but it wasn't about cheating etc. I did something very rash that infringed upon her personal space (and rightfully so as she does agree as well) Bottom line is that she began to wonder if I would ever trust her. She also has very limited time right now and also felt like she was disappointing me and hurting me when she couldn't give me the time. On this night all this was brought up and I clearly scared her and wore her out. She also just came with me to spend time with my family so they could get to know her. That night we had a phone conversation that was fun and light and she clearly didn't want to talk about our bad night. The next day after some good morning texts she wrote this "I am processing a lot of information that was given to me last night. I am going to need some time to think about things. I know your first reaction will be to write back and defend yourself but please, I am NOT mad and really don't want you to do that. I did listen to everything you said last night so I understand your side of things. Please allow me to contact you when I am ready. Please do not reply to this. Guilt will only make me feel worse. Please understand and respect that and allow me to contact you when I am ready. I am not angry with you as I told you multiple times last night. I need some space and time to think."

Its been 5 days and I am freaking out not knowing if she will ever give me the closure or discussion I deserve. On a side note this is a girl who really has never had true unconditional love like I have shown her. She has come off of some tough times and I have been by her side through it all when a lesser man would have bolted. I know she knows this. Thanks for allowing me to vent and any thoughts would be welcomed. I am using the NC rule although I did slip up the next day but haven't since.

PS: save your comments if you can't be constructive and all you want to say is move on, its another guy etc...
Well its been 17 days and not a word. I admit I have slipped up 2 times and tried to contact her but it wasn't anything pathetic like begging or convincing her. So now I start complete silence because the NC is helping me forget her. Which as we all know is exactly when they come back..lol Everyone of my ex's have tried to come back except one.

On another note I want to thank you ladies for your encouraging words. It really helps getting a girls POV.


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  • Give her the space and time. She'll come around...she's testing you.

  • Do not contact her yet. She made it very clear that she's trying to think.. It sounds like you've clearly communicated a future plan to her, and some part of it was not what she had in mind originally. She may come around and decide that she could accept your plan or that you might be willing to adapt a certain part of it, but for now - you need to give her space.

    It could be something as simple as the fact that she thinks this is all moving too fast and doesn't quite feel like her own individual anymore. What she's doing now is proving to herself that she is a person on her own - that your relationship is an attribute of her, but not her full identity.

    How long have you guys been dating? Is there any particular thing that you said that you think might have scared her?

    Give her another week, and then ask this question again on here if she hasn't responded by then. Keep calm. The worst thing you can do is get all nervous and defensive. Just relax and know that if she loves you and you're meant to be together, she will come back.

    • We have been together for 8 months. She is also under a lot of stress right now and that doesn't help either. A lot could have scared her but the thing I think that sticks in her head is that she feels like she disappoints me and is not making me happy when she can't spend time with me. I have repeatedly told her that isn't the case but I don't think she believes me. I know for a fact that she does love me which I don't question. I just hope and pray I at least hear from her again.

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