Girls, motives to want to see your ex?

Hey girls, just looking to see what various reasons you would have to want to see your ex and keep in contact. Not like a phone call every day, but frequent Facebook messaging and keeping the lines of communication over.

My scenario is that we were in a long term, very serious relationship for three years. because of distance and other reasons, we broke up. Tried to smooth things out, but instead, she ended up dating someone else, and that went bad quick.

Since then, she has kept lines of communication open (Facebook messages) and even told me when we met, that she wanted to see me.

So my question is, what reasons would you have to keep the communication up, and why would you want to see your ex?

I'm just looking for different perspectives, and since I'm a guy, they are probably way different then mine (or maybe not).

Thanks. Any questions, just ask in comments or message me.


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  • She wants to get back into relationship with you.

    Distance DOES keep the heart fonder

    Distance is not an issue to are and it's up to you whether you'd take her back

    She's lonely and misses you.

    3 years is a long time...history with someone is hard to forget...

    • ok, so there are points in our talking that she blows me off and doesn't respond to me for hours/day/at all. we broke up last November. one of the reasons we broke up was the distance. she knows I would take her back because she knows how much I love her.

      If she wanted a relationship, why would she blow me off or ignore me like she has a few times? I didn't start the communication, she did.

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    • the way I see it is that girls, no matter what their personality, etc are, don't talk to or want to see their exes, or keep communication open. unless they still have feelings. am I right?

      so why tell me she "has her moods," "doesn't like living by herself," that "we'll see" about eventually working out and her visiting me?

      why be weird and act out like I'm wrong? get a rise out of me or to take blame away from her?

      and why be so hot and cold; responses delayed, immediate, or not at all?

    • Forget her and move on. She's not serious.

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