Why can't you even trust family?

I broke up with my exboyfriend and now he has new girlfriend. At first we were trying to work it out or so I thought. Well now my ex boyfriend comes around my house and hangs out with my brother in law. My brother in law and my sister live behind my house. So they are always at my house. My sister doesn't have any friends and so she hangs out with her husband's friends. I still talk to my ex boyfriend because I don't want him to see that this bothers me. Anyways my sister has now been talking to his new girlfriend. My sister now wants to do outings with them. She says this in front of me and obviously I stay with my mouth shut. I can't say anything because to me they should know better. They could careless about my feelings. Talking with them won't solve anything and they are going to tell me well you broke up with him. I have so much consideration for others but my sister sometimes can be a b. Were both different and she is more outgoing while I'm more introvert. This is something that she might not like about me. Really though were family we should look out for each other. I feel so left out and replaced. Just sometimes you think that you can trust your family to look out for the best for you. Since she doesn't have friends she wants to get close to his new girlfriend now.

I'm sure she's going to trash talk me and start blaming me for the reason why I broke up with him. They see him as a saint because he was a good guy. I just couldn't picture myself doing this to her as I love her too much. I mean who would do that to their own sister knowing that if it were her she'd feel awkward as well. I just have to swallow all this while they talk about all the outings their going to do together. I still care for my ex boyfriend because we went out for a long time. In this time I'd like for her to take me in consideration. This is why I never brought a boyfriend around I can't stand when families do this. Where they stay friends with the ex and not care about their own family. At the time I don't have friends all because when I was with my ex I made it about us. I knew that was big mistake but just was used to it. Please help me before I go nuts.


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  • That's not good


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