Why has ex girlfriend unblocked me on what's app?

Ex girlfriend blocked me on what's app when we split up nearly three months ago.

About a week a ago she sent me a text out of the blue about something that happened to me at work but I didn't reply.

3 days ago I went to Germany Oktoberfest and when I got back she unblocked me on what's app. Now she can see me online etc

I then saw her at work yesterday but didn't speak to her but she was wearing a watch that I bought her as a present when we were together.But she never really wore the watch or even liked it.

And she's currently got a boyfriend which she got with him literally a say after we split .

Does her actions mean anything?


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  • she wants your attention, maybe she wants to get back together or maybe she is wondering why you aren't chasing her to get her back and feels annoyed and is trying to attention seekso that you'll try talking to her. she wants you to want her so she can keep you as a back up incase it doesn't work out with the new guy


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  • Things with the new guy are probably fading out, and she is curious about you.


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