If a guy gave you the phone to talk crap to a female, would you do it?

I have this friend who dated this guy. This guy ex was calling him and when she's around he will pass her the phone. he wanted her to start drama with his ex girlfriend. he made her look stupid because he didn't indulge in the drama. It's like she was conversating to herself. When my ex best friend said something to her boyfriend at the time, all he said was "huh". His ex girlfriend was very much protected by the guy she use to date. the ex girlfriend did not indulge in fighting over a guy. Now he's engaged can you gues which girl he chose? Me and my friend are not friends anymore. She said I was wrong for calling her stupid. I was just being honest. he gave my ex best friend the phone to talk crap and in the phone background, it was as if she was all by herself. the guy she use to date completely protected his ex girlfriend.


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  • Wow he needs to grow up


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