Why doesn't my boyfriend understand how I feel?

I've been in a relationship for 4 months now. It's still young I know.

Recently my boyfriend has become okay friends with a girl I really don't like. She ruined my past relationship because she pretty much wedged herself between me and my ex. I was worried that the same might happen again and I've tried explaining it to him many times but I just get told I'm being selfish, childish and should just get over it.

She had him on Facebook before he deactivated it and has his number. Which I really wasn't happy with.

She often pulls the whole " I have a broken family and my brothers hate me woe is me " sort of act on people which is why I think maybe he just feels sorry for her.

My boyfriend also told me not to talk to my ex, who I was on good terms with and wanted to be friends with but when I ask him to not talk him her he tells me I'm being selfish and childish all the same.

Am I being childish and selfish?

how else could I explain how I feel to him?
It's not that I don't trust him.

I trust him a lot.

but I just don't trust her.


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  • i think the decision is yours hear

    either you trust the new boyfriend and just remain on the look out or you simply say you don't want to deal with this scenario again and break it off. it seems clear to me that he isn't going to heed your request. it also seems reasonable that you are not thrilled about this girl being around your boyfriend considering what she's done in the past. but you can't place the burden of what an ex did on to your current guy and really your issue should be with the girl not with your bf.

    but I understand your mistrust of this girl but you stated your feeligns clearly so your boyfriend knows how you feel.


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  • At some point you simply have to give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. You have to trust in his judgement. He obviously see's something in her that you don't and perhaps are blinded towards because of your previous history.

  • You are being selfish. You are also misplacing your anger. No girl can steal a guy away from you without his permission.

    Now, he's also being selfish and childish if he's asking you to not talk to people, but wont' respect your wishes.

  • To be honest, it is a double standard when you're allowed to talk to your ex, and he isn't.


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