Why hasn't he made a move ?

He behaves very strange as if he doesn't want to be with me alone. He likes spending time with me but he is more comfortable when our friends are around. It' s obvious that he likes me, he texts me for no reason he sets up to go out ( us and another couple ) he gives me attention , we have good conversations etc. But when we are alone he is nervous uncomfortable and says things like this is stupid..or once he asked wher do you leave I want to bring you home or do you want to go to this club and than 10 min later he changes his mind and backs out lives home and than from home he immediately texts me. We are seeing each other for one month now and he hasn't kissed me or made a move ... When we are alone before we go home we have long conversation standing close to each other staring in each others eyes and nothing happens , because it is prolonged it gets uncomfortable and we say good bye and go home.. What's the deal is he ever going to make a move am I doing something wrong what's going on


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  • probably a little fear or anxiety regarding intimacy. I don't think you are doing anything wrong. I know for me I was just just anxious when I was younger about making that move to being intimate...a bit of fear of rejection or not knowing how far to take things...

    If you feel comfortable making a move maybe just go for it OR you could talk to him about it


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  • If you like him, why don't YOU make a move?

    • Well I'm a girl, I show him that I like him and I make opportunities for him to take the initiative, I'm not comfortable to do more, if his scared to make a move imagine what he'll do if I did ... He'll run

    • Or he might say yes. If you keep waiting for others to make the move, you might die waiting... there's nothing wrong with going after what you want.

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  • He is trying to find the right time to do it so it'd feel comfortable when he seduces you


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