My ex emailed me & we hooked up 3 times in a row what now?

He dumped me 2 months ago and has slept with 2 girls and has told me they were both horrible in bed point blank. He emailed me and wanted to "hang out" I knew that trick but I was H*rny so I agreed and of course we hooked up I felt nothing the first night but he was allll over me like I've never seen him b4 he tells me I'm "the master" of bl*w jobs and even when we were together I did it every day just to make him happy we talked a little he even picked me up which shocked me but he wanted to make out with me and touch me I'm like well damn wth is wrong with you!

the 2nd night we actually slept together and I started thinking a little but about why he slept with girls so quick but I realized he is a man they do that just for a quick relief. He said things didn't work out with the 2nd girl sam that she isn't who she say she is and she sucks in bed terribly.He asked if I slept with someone else I said no and I haven't.

The 3rd night He told me a lot more of what happened and his ex in michigan was texting him drunk and he showed me she was getting a divorce and he is the love of her life but he knows they will never get back together but he will always love her etc.

I haven't heard from him since I don't know what to feel or to say I finally got my cosmetology license and I'm really trying not to worry about it but it is bothering me. Of course if he could commit to me I would take him back but I don't know if he wants a relationship anymore and I don't know if I want one either. He can call and text me but I can't b.c he blocked me the day he broke up with me & he promised he would unblock it if I gave him good you know what. We broke up over something really stupid and were on and off a lot b.c he couldn't stop talking to girls on a dating site. I emailed him one last time today with a picture of us & a short message saying how good of a time we has & hope he has a good day. Do you think I should just not give in anymore do you think he will email me back? What should I do I need positive and negatives.
well I found out he got in a car accident Saturday and totaled his car


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  • Let me get this straight, this guy breaks up with you, sleeps around almost right around the same time he broke up with you, and then wants to get back and f*** you?

    Here are my thoughts:

    1 - First thing I'm asking is where the hell is your dignity.

    2 - Second thing is this guy sounds like a real keeper, a selfish child going off to stick his d*** in things with little regard for other people. Especially since he can legitimately think he can get back with you (the fact that you took him back makes this even sadder).

    3 - You're wrong. BOYS screw over other people to satisfy their d***s, MEN don't trade their integrity for a few moments of sexual gratification.

    You should shoot higher. Much higher.


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  • i do not like this guy at all... he is not the "right guy" for you. you may like him alot, true enough, but he is not at all the type of guy you want to claim to be your own, because he will never remain only yours from what I've read. He's full of you know what, and full of games. You sound like a really deserving chick, some guy will be lucky to have you, don't let that loser get the best of you. if you need any more help just lemme know.

  • Don't let him use you because all your going to do is get hurt again


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  • So he told you he'll unblock you after you give him a BJ? It seems pretty clear he just wants a friend with benefits. If he still loved you, he wouldn't break up with you, talk with other girls on dating sites and let a "friendship" depend on sex. If he wanted you back, he'd make an effort, not just have sex with you. I could be wrong but that's just how I see it. I wouldn't bother too much with feelings towards him if I were you.


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