What should I do now?

So I can't say he is my ex because we didn't really had a relationship we both knew we liked each other.

So me and his sister who is my best friend had a big argument

i was so mad at her that I cut all the contact with her family and also him I deleted him from everywhere I even unfollowed him from twitter .he never asked me why I did this I felt like he was on his sister side. now after 2 years his sister and me we mad up and I actually missed him so much he never went out of my mind not even a single day. So what I did is I followed him back on twitter and he is not following me back I tweeted him saying follow back and he still doesn't follow back. I feel so dumb I feel like that I look like someone who is begging him to come back to me. and I don't want it to look like that I know I did him wrong for unfollowing him first and not really explaining why I did that to him I just want him back as a goodfriend like it was before.

but I feel so stupid because he is not following I reget doing this I hate myself for doing this! what should I do now any advice?


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  • Oh God. You are someone who is begging him to come back to you. There is no explanation you need to give him. He's over you by now.

    You should learn the lesson of proper reactions to disagreements with friends.

  • He's probably a little upset with his sister for bringing you back around at all. Believe me, he's done with you. Your best course of action is to let it go and just be a good friend to the sister.


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