Could I be cataloged as weird for feeling like this?

I hate arguing with people, I really do, but then I met this girl and arguing was something I looked forward to (at least playfully). We talked and knew each other for 2 years. We would talk, joke, have fun and then have a misunderstanding and argue and be mad at each other, but then we would make up.

The last time was too much, she got really mad at me. I tried to fix things, but it wasn't possible, she was really mad. I moved on, met new people, talked to them, went of a few dates and I thought I had moved one. Whenever I saw this girl, I would ignore her and go about my day and she did the same. Recently I had to talk to her because I needed to ask her something. After two months, she is still mad and acts the way she did when she last saw me. I told her she didn't have to be like this because we barely see each other and should at least try to tolerate each other but no, she said she wasn't gonna do that. So we stood there, arguing and going back and forth and...i felt alive again, like a piece if me was missing that I did not have with those other girls, her personality, her strenght and her character, made me so happy inside to see it again (even if she is still mad at me), am I sick for feeling revitalized after talking to her even if we argued? :/


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  • No, obviously you have chemistry and are attracted to women with that type of personality. Obviously she cared about you or wouldn't still hold a grudge. She would be indifferent if she didn't care. Just tell her how you feel, then let her be.

  • Then tell her how she makes you feel ! As a girl, I love straight forward guy! Yeah I know, it's complicated, I've been through something like this.. I think just learned to live with the pain that we will never be together or emotionally involved.. It was hard at first, not thing about him all the time. And I dare say I still think about him everyday, but it's not worth the fight anymore... Maybe you should leave space for other people to enter your life..the wait will suck, I know.. And sometimes you'll regret letting her go, but if she doesn't want to make up with you, it's her fault. Let her burn. There are 7more billion people out there =p


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