He's always making digs about my ex, jealous or begrudged?

So quick question, this guy and I have been involved in a sexual friendship over the course of the summer (thats as accurate as I can verbalize it-we've known each other for two decades)..he's begruded with my ex husband (he did him wrong by trying to get him fired according to him though my ex says that's not at all the story), either way, he's begrudging of him..up til about 5yrs ago, they werre bff's even living together..both share the same birthdate and were close. Now, he's usually (in the run of any conversation we have) bringing up my ex husband in some way just to put him down. For example, I made a comment via text saying I was pretty selective, he replies "Really lol"..I asked what he was trying to say and reiterated that I was...he says "well you WERE with Josh"..it never seems to end..is he jealous? Prior to this he was telling me that my ex never treated me well and I was always running around on me **which I confronted him about he's adament this never happened**, says my ex prioritzed his trucks and himself over me..etc etc.. I'm really starting to think this is spilling over into that category. He's a great guy but I think super competitive..anyone been in a situation like this as the hater or hatee? THANKS!


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  • i don't think he's jealous but I think the wrongs he feels were done and the fact that you dated him kind of eats at him.

    it's kind of like any person you don't like doing something to you, and from that point on you sold of, as you said, hold a grudge against them. it probably bothers him that you dated him and obviously the acts that he feels the guy did to him bother him.

    he is trying to put himself above your ex, maybe reiterate how big of (as he sees is) a douche your ex was.

    it's fairly immature assuming he's close in age to you, but also a pretty natural defensive tactic and coping mechanism for something that bothers someone

    • Good analyzation. Thanks for your response.

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