How come my boyfriend posted photos of his ex girlfriend on his Facebook and not me?

I gave him pictures of me and told him he can post them on is Facebook and he never did. I even wrote to him twice complaining about it and nothing change. And I'm only happy with the boyfriend who like to show me off. And he never makes me feel sexy either. I sent him sexy pictures of me and dress sexy but that doesn't help at all. He have no problem posted pictures of sexy models on his Facebook. Why can't he post pictures of the ones he can actually be with?
I don't want any answers like madhatters4 for again. I want some valid answers. I don't want to be told how I want to be treating. I'm not happy having an nonsexual life with him. If you don't like how I want to be treating don't answer my question. I'm miserable being treated like a normal person.
And stop telling me he treats me right and all that crap. If he treats me right and was such a "perfect boyfriend" he would make me happy instead of miserable. And FYI he cheated on me to his previous girlfriend.
"Do you people understand what I'm saying?!" It's very important to me that I'm his hot and sexy girlfriend. And it make very hard for me when he doesn't make me feel sexy, and when he give others girls attention. It make me feel like I'm just like a twin sister too me rather than someone he's proud of and have a hots for.


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  • im happy with a boyfriend who loves and respects me...not someone who would show me of! maybe you should give in sapce to miss you and understand what he is loosing and you to think in some of the things that your doing thts not pleasing him...we all are worth some or bette yet try your best to be the best without askinking a lot in return be the better person and if he doesn't change his acttetude moveeeeeee on to someone who would love the sexy attention


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  • "And I'm only happy with the boyfriend who like to show me off"

    something about that statement sounds really problematic as if you enjoy the adulation of others rather than him just liking you... I guess this is a prime example of a 1st world problem

    but anyway. perhaps he's not comfortable with posting sexy pics of you on his fb for other guys to ogle frankly it's strange that he posts pictures of models on his Facebook. But I don't have any friends who just post random pics of their girlfriend. the girlfriend posts pics she wants. maybe the boyfriend will post of pic of them on a vacation but not just random sexy pics the girl sends to him.

    In my opinion you should value how he feels for you and not if he likes to objectify you and have other dudes do the same...otherwise post the pics yourself and tag him on them so they show up on his wall

    • STFU, I don't f***ing like how he treats me. Stop f***ing telling me I should f***ing like how that bitch treats me because I don't. I f***ing hate it. I want to have a sexy life with him.

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    • it isn't about the argument about mistreatment it that I'm sick of being told about what an ungrateful spoiled brat I am. I been told that by my family for over a decade.

    • I'm going to find an other man that I can have a sexy life with and who would post the pictures I gave him first. Than I going to go tell him" I don't want to go out with you anymore because I'm seeing someone else". So I can replace him with someone who actually bring happiness and amusement into my life.

      And yes all of the argument is about mistreatment because he refused to treat me how I asked.

  • Maybe he doesn't want his friends saving the pictures of you for their spank banks.

    • but what about his previous girlfriend?

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    • Honestly, I don't f***ing know. Talk to him about it

    • nobody would want to masturbate to that pugly girl's picture (his ex).

  • If I was your boyfriend I might not want photos that were too revealing on Facebook. But pictures that acknowledge you and let people know that you're mine would everywhere. Trust and believe.


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  • Maybe he's trying to hide you


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