I can't move on? Still cry everyday.

I think I have severe depression, I loved my ex ,but she moved to a different country and after few months of trying we gave up, it's been more than 3 months since we've broken up ,but I still cry every single day. I still love her alot, I've tried dating other girls or making myself busy ,but just last week I broke down crying at work because one of the co-workers had the same perfume as her, I've never been like this before... and I can't get her back because she has a boyfriend and is still thousand of miles away, what am I suppose to do ?


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  • As I said before: Three month is about the first third of the way to go before it gets better. Find somebody to talk to in person, best would be a professional. I've been thinking of writing you today again but since the question's popped up, I could help also others in the same situation.

    It takes roughly 10 months to get over somebody. Therefore your 3 months are just 1/3. The question you also raised, whether it's possible to get back together is to replace with this question I though of these days: Is it good for you to get back together?

    I have the feeling that this break-up brings up a lot of unresolved issues from your past. I strongly suggest to find professional assistance.

    • I don't have a car nor the money for professional help ;/, and the last friend I talked to seems to not want to talk to me anymore. I got a new job ,but I've almost cried few times there too, I just don't know what to do.

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    • Yes, read through it again, I missed one little word there, sorry! Now it's clearer to me.

    • She was here, but not anymore :/

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  • You just need to accept that it's over.

    Get new hobbies, try something new. Do anything to keep yourself from constantly dwelling on this!


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  • id say crack a bottle of vodka rethink your life and do whatever you can to move on...

  • Go talk to a professional therapist.


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