So I was at my ex-husband's place visiting the kids. I decided to tickle one of them.

and then their Dad seeing this,comes over and tickles him too.

Am I reading too much into this,or is he possibly thinking about starting something,or at least wanted to see my reaction.

In the 3yrs we've been divorced,we've never been that close. Physically anyway.

Since the divorce he's made it clear he isn't interested. But now?

I dunno...


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  • i don't think you should read too much into it.

    i notice with my parents that htey do have momentary lapses when they seem to get along and for a brief moment it seems like they are together. but I think that comes more from familiarity and the ocassional moment when (to put it in a way to make it clear) "the stars align". my friends just got divorced, and I still see those moments with them. when we are all together they'll be sitting on the couch and out of familiarity, habit, perhaps a bit of loneliness will hold hands for a moment or hug each other and give each other a kiss on the check when saying good bye. I think they believe it's normal behavior but all of us can see that there is it bit more too it. nonetheless none of us assume that means they are getting back together.

    I say all this just so you to don't have high expectations. but I would keep and eye out and sort of monitor his behavior. It could mean he's turned a corner to having a more friendly relationship, or it could have just been one of those moments

  • He might have been enjoying the moment with your child, but that's hardly an invitation to believe he's suddenly changed his stripes. Forget about it. If he seriously wants to rekindle anything with you, I would think it would require more than his tickling his child as well? You can turn anything into a "Oh it means more" if you want, but doesn't sound like he's made any serious advances in changing his attitude towards you. If he seriously wants to try again, he'll probably let you know in a more direct manner. I wouldn't get all screwed up over something as meaningless as him joining you in an affection play towards your child. That may be what you are hoping for, but it hardly seems like a change of attitude to me?


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