Is this a test or is he just not a planner?

Ok so my boyfriend is going out of town for a week for work. Next Monday through Saturday. we've been spending Saturday night and Sundays together. We live an hour apart with busy schedules and this has become our norm. Yesterday I find out he's going back to his home town for the weekend for a wedding, so we won't get our weekend before he leaves. We agree to hang out Thursday and Friday night. Today he says he has to workout Thursday night and would rather do Wednesday, but that's my workout night.

Does he not want to see me? Is just not a planner? Also we've only been dating for a couple months so its still very new.
So I told him I'm still doing my normal workout on Wednesday til 9PM. He asked me to come over to his house Thursday (like we planned) but a little later so he can still work out.


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  • Red flag - he's choosing to work out over seeing you for the last time before he goes away. Worse, he made plans with you then changed them to work out. That's weird!

    He might not be that considerate or in to you...


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