So I really think this guy is just not into me. Right?

We have a class together. I move seats often because my row geta crowded. But every time I move he sits next to me. It never fails. He used to walk with me, even come back towards school for me and he would say "oh I always find you" And we'd start walking together. Now he gets to class says Hi does small talk after he PURPOSELY sits next to me and when class is over he leaves without saying a word. No bye. Nothing. We used to at least say bye but now he leaves. Not a word. I asked what was up and he said he walks to his friends house and from their gets a ride. He wouldn't be looking for a form of transportation home, other than walking if he was into me. He knows I don't have a boyfriend. So he's just not into right? I'm done getting hurt.. opinions please. And how should I get over this? And should I just ignore him back?


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  • I feel like I've been in the guy's shoes a couple years ago with a girl I sat next to in class. I thought she was really cute but I didn't ever have the motivation to start a conversation with her because I didn't know what to say. I was just afraid that I would make myself look stupid or stutter or something. So I just hoped she's sit next to me like she usually did and make random comments. I also would try and do this.

    But there were days when I felt more awkward than the last and felt like maybe she wasn't interested in me so I would just leave after class was over and then hate myself for not saying something clever or smart, or anything at all!

    It was simply a mind over matter situation. I just didn't know if she was into me and I didn't want to look like a creep so I would try and copy what I thought she was thinking.

    Simply put - I was too shy.

    Edit: In turned out we might have had something if it wasn't for her transferring schools. She got a job as a bartender and invited me to where she worked to if I wanted a free drink, but she worked like an hour out of town. Before the semester ended I got her number because of something school/homework related and. Unfortunately we lost touch because she moved and we didn't see each other on a weekly basis.


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  • I think you should just be friendly. Don't ignore him but don't be overly into him either. I'm not sure what his deal is maybe he just thinks you're fun to talk to and wants to be friends. Maybe he's socially awkward.


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