Ex girlfriend issues. What do I need to do to get her back?

It has been a little over 2 months since my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. We started dating back towards the end of March. I treated her exactly how a girl should be treated; all of her friends liked me a lot and thought we were perfect for each other. Everything was going really well. We would always text and call each other all day and at night we would talk to each other over the phone until one of us falls asleep. We also each other and hanged out frequently too. It was a really good relationship. I was also her first official boyfriend. One day, out of nowhere, she tries to dumping over text for reasons that turned out to be lies after I called each and every one of them out, which then turned out to her saying she does not know what to do anymore. So I made her call me, she couldn't do it over the phone, and on top of that she would not let me break up with her either. I give her a week to get her thoughts together, and she could not, and would not, do it in person either when we met up that following week. The strange thing was we had dinner and during dinner we acted like everything was O.K. After dinner, she suggested going to the nearest mall, and we went shopping for clothes. I even picked out a shirt for her to buy. We finally got out to our cars and she did not even want to talk about it. She just wanted a goodbye kiss like everything was normal; however, the point of us meeting up that day was for us to talk about why she tried breaking up with me so I force her to talk and then she gives me another bullsh*t excuse this time, which turned out to be that she really likes me a lot, but she does not think I am the right person for her. By the way, the type of like she is talking about is the one a boyfriend and girlfriend have and not the one you have with your best friend or any friend in particular. Keep in mind, when me and this girl first met, she was head over heels with me and nervous, she was the same towards the end of the relationship too. At this point, she still could not break up with me, and would not let me do it either. So we just ended up parting our ways. I guess she finally gets the courage to do it over a text three days later for the most bullsh*t reason ever. I also had to force her to explain me the reason because all she would say when I would ask was I do not want to talk about it. The reason why she broke up with me was because it was about language issues and about how she feared her future kids will not be able to speak her NON-NATIVE language, which is very contradictory because we come from the same background and speak the same NATIVE language. Anyways it sucks a lot now because I never got any closure from this, and on top of that, every time I see her on campus at my university, she acts like I do not even exist anymore, and this is extremely frustrating to deal with because I still have feelings for her, and I honestly would do anything just to get back. What do I need to do to get her back?


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  • I'm so sorry. :( I guess the reason why she is behaving like this, is that you were her first boyfriend. That's why she didn't know how to properly deal with relationships. What happened was, she likes you but not enough. She just thinks you are not the one, and that can happen in any relationship. It's not your fault or her fault. She gave you the bullsh*it reasons because she didn't understand that it's legitimate to leave someone just if the feeling isn't right. She thought there has a be a "more real" reason, and felt bad for you because there wasn't.

    And the weird behavior (refusing to talk about it, acting like everything is normal) probably happened because it was her first relationship and she just didn't know how to act. Very immature, yeah, and rude for you.

    Don't start whining to get her back. Show her how quickly you got back on your two feet and she MIGHT start missing your. Or not. Anyway, move on with your life.

    • Thank you for the response; however I failed to mention that she dated another guy a while back, but he was a complete douche bag, and they were never actually official, in other words, they were still dating, but they were dating a lot longer than I have actually been with her. The guy never made an incentive to make it official ever. He is from the same country as her, but he is not of the same ethnicity nor have same native the language as her and I do. She also re-added him on FB recently.

    • Yeah, but that was not actually a real relationship and she still didn''t have a lot of experience. It definitely does not justify what she did, but it's the reason behind the actions. Anyway, you are better off with someone more mature than that. :)

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