I don't know how to let go of Internet relationship?

I've been in an "Internet relationship" for a year with a guy from a different country. We've met 3 times, 2 times for a week and one month. It's difficult to think about our future, because he would have to move here or I to where he is now, but my family opposes this relationship (he's Muslim and I'm Christian).

He's always really flexible and thinks about me first in everything, EXCEPT about children. They will have to be Muslims. I knew this from the start but as I've been reading more and more about Islam, the less I like this fact.

We've tried to break up many times, but it never really happens. Very quickly we get back together.

During this year I've also been moving away from the strict church where I grew up, and it's been a painful process. I'm in the search of myself and my boyfriend is my best friend in the world, and the only one who makes my life worthwhile.

So I guess I don't know where I'm going. The thought of my boyfriend moving here and starting a life together feels difficult because I know how much everyone, especially my family, opposes this and it's so complicated to start living in a different country. And it feels scary and unfair that our children would have to be Muslim. However, the thought of being without my boyfriend (and he being with someone else) feels just wrong and depressing... Please help someone


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  • It sounds like you aren't ready for a permanent relationship since you don't even know what you want for yourself. I would get that settled first. I certainly would not move to a different country.

    You not wanting your children to be Muslim is an AUTOMATIC deal breaker. End of story.

    • Yeah, I know it was a bad decision to start a relationship in a personal crisis like this, but I didn't have much experience. :/ And it would probably be him moving anyway, not me.

      The children part is kind of complicated because some days I feel like yeah, why not let them be Muslims, it's a peaceful way of life anyways (if you don't go to extremes, like my boyfriend and his family don't) and some days I feel like it's unfair that he can teach them about his religion and I can't.

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    • You already know how it's going to go. You're just not using your brain to avoid trouble.

    • Thanks and I know.. I hope we will have a big fight or something that will bring me to my senses. :D

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