Yet further evidence that most women are gold diggers?

I said MOST. Not all.

"For women, earning more than a male partner could also be a financial deal breaker. A 25-year study released in the Journal of Family Issues, found that women were more likely to get divorced when they earned 60% or more of the family’s income."

In the article a woman responds THIS way

"“What I’m looking for right now is not somebody with a ton of money. I just want somebody who’s responsible and driven — and trust is really big. "

I have a problem with this.

1. A man can be both responsible AND driven and still not earn a ton of money.

If you think drive and responsibility means you are going to have a billion dollars you are stupid.

2. The 25 year old study proves that its not necessarily the amount of money the man makes but rather that he makes more than her.

therefore the man could make a 3 billion dollars a year but the fact that she makes 10 billion a year she's going to be pissed off and divorce his ass.- (maybe not, but I'm exaggerating to prove a point.)

3. Women reading this are automatically going to assume that the 60% of women who support the family are only doing so because THOSE men are sitting at home watching TV and never getting a job and being a lazy good for nothing a**hole.

Because its NEVER the fault of the woman. Women are perfect angels with no faults or negative aspects about them.

Oh and what you will ALSO do is commit a logical fallacy. I.e.. Ad hominem.


I'm a bitter virgin therefore anything I say is a lie or wrong.

Even if its true, (which it isn't) your logic is a fallacy.

Even though I proved that your saying I'm bitter is a logical fallacy you can't help yourself, you'll STILL do it.


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  • Well those women who are gold diggers, generally end up married to men who are just as shallow and superficial as themselves. Hence the term 'Trophy-wife'. Those women see men as ATMs, those men see women as beautiful, vacant-headed, empty-outs. It's a fair trade in my opinion.

  • Thank you for the insightful information.

    I never planned on marrying a broke/poor man or someone who earns less than I do anyways.

    • I hope you finally get to love a man with similar attitudes,who won't marry a woman who earns less than him.

      Think about it.

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    • Name calling is the first sign of a lost argument. Your "argument" and lack of logic makes no sense

    • "Name calling is the first sign of a lost argument. "

      Actually that's false. The correct thing to say is its a logical fallacy, IF its based on saying your argument is invalid based on your stupidity. Which I'm not doing.

      Making a claim that something makes "no sense" is not an argument.

      Mine is.

      Fine, since you are clearly retarded. Ill ask this question.

      If you were about to be married to someone who made 20 bucks an hour and got a job offer and earn 200 bucks an hour, would you take the job?

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