How and why do people move on so quick?

My ex and I broke up two months ago and he's already with someone else (well according to me). After the break up I deleted him from my Facebook but since his fb isn't on private I could still go on it, so I deleted mine for about a month. Anyway, I still have an attachment to him (more of like I can sense things when it comes to him), but something kept telling me to look at his fb and instagram. When I went on his fb I saw that he was tagged in a pic with another girl. I'm not 100% sure it's his girlfriend but people are commenting saying the picture his precious, etc. And for some reason, I have a feeling that maybe he was talking to her before we broke up. So why and how do people move on so quickly?

I'm completely confused because we were together for two years and I'm still in love with him and I'm trying so hard to move on.


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  • In my experience they way guys and girls approach "moving on" is different.

    Most girls move on by mourning the lost of a loved one.

    Most guys move on by seeking a new opportunity, in hopes that the new girl will fill in any missing pieces after the breakup

    My advice is to cry about it " but not too much"

    Then go out, have a drink with some friends and celebrate the chance of finding a better romance.


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  • You're taking it the wrong way. Guys (like me) don't do it because we are already over our ex. We do it because we aren't going to let our past stop us from taking a chance on something that could turn out good in the future.

    • Well, I hope it works out for him because obviously I wasn't the right one.

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  • Some people are over a relationship way before the other person even knows/realizes it, and even before a break up occurs, even if they have not said anything, especially in the case where someone seems to move on so fast. If he has moved on. It may take sometime to let heal and let him go, but eventually you will be able to move on.

  • that must hurt, get off fb, and try to better yourself and be optimistic.

    • I am. I'm going to school for Paralegal studies and I just started working in a law firm part time. I always felt like opportunities opened up for me when we broke up because we broke up before and then two months later I found out I was accepted into the Paralegal program.

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