What are good reasons to break up with your love? What are good reasons to stay regardless of flaws?

Please tell me what you think! I am trying to figure it out and feel a bit lost about it.


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  • Here are good reasons to leave.


    -disagreements (but can be worked through, if you really want)

    -Communication issues (aka not being able to understand each other, meaning you both need to learn to fit into each others shoes and take in each others view of things.)

    -Abuse (weather in the form of physical or mental)

    And that's all.

    • And if you want to stay, it would have to be because you want to have his kids, and love him very much if these issues are present.

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  • reasons to break-up


    2.liar liar

    3.control freak

    4.bad attitude

    good reasons to stay

    1.you both have same goals and aspirations

    2.you talk and listen (healthy arguments)

    3. honesty

    4.you really have genuine feelings for each other

  • Last relationship I had I left because she refused to get a car for 2 years and expected me to drive the distance. Not worth it. I wouldn't call her my love or anything. It was a short relationship.

    • You think TWO years is a short relationship?

    • Sorry I probably didn't state that right. The relationship only lasted a few months tops. She said she had no intention on getting a car for 2 years.

  • If he is your love then you don't need a reason to break up with him. No one is perfect and sometimes you have to look at how you can make each other better, instead of expecting something from them.

  • The bitch was a lying whore


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  • Good Reasons to Break-up:

    1. He is a cheater

    2. He's a compulsive liar.

    3. He abuses you

    4. He takes you for granted

    5. He doesn't respect you

    6. He doesn't respect your family

    7. He has no goals / ambition

    8. He doesn't care about how yo feel

    9. He doesn't trust you

    10. He doesn't give you sufficient attention

    Good Reason to Stay: You tell him what's bothering/hurting you / what you would like to have changed, and he genuinely listens and works hard at doing so.

  • if he is giving off vibes that something shady is going on..he is cheating,dump him..if he treats you like gold and you have no ill gut feelings ,stay unless you just don't love him anymore,then you go

    • I had an ex like that..the reason he didn't introduce me was because he used his friends as an alibi to cover his discreet sexual encounters with hookers and strippers..I could never prove he wasn't at his friends..but when he stayed out all night and didn't think I would find out,i blew his cover,I can't stand shady, dishonest, back stabbing people

    • How do you know it was hookers and strippers? I don't know what I would do. That's how people get stds and stuff

    • just tell him you want to meet his friends and if he refuses then you need your own click,play his game ,also make him wear condoms due to the fact that he wants to be secretive ,tell him..u can't take risks anymore

  • I want to break up with my boyfriend because he's not very attentive, and because he won't introduce me to his friends. Do those sound like good reasons?

    • Not attentive, I think so; not introducing you sounds like there is something behind it... But rememeber that I am the one asking ;).

    • I know, but I was also answering. Reasons to stay would be if he treats you well, tries, communicates, and you can trust him. All of those are hard to find. I stay with mine because I don't like anyone else, I think he's hot and he seems to care enough.

    • if he doesn't introduce u..theres a reason,one , he can't be traced if he says he is at his friends house,a cover up..or he doesn't see you as long term,two...he is a douche bag player...if he is not attentive,dump him and find a man who will appreciate you and your perecious time..not a shady character

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