Will he fall harder for me once I meet his family (they'll love me)?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about 4 months and have taken things slow (1-2dates a week), it took time for him to admit we're in a relationship (he went threw a divorce in the past year so he has good reasoning). His family hated his ex and is so happy he left her (she's not a good person). I know that his parents are going to love me, I'm probably one of the kindest people they will ever meet (not to mention I come from a great fam and have a good carrier starting). I've met his sibling a while ago who I got along great with..He and I planed a "family" weekend, where one night we go out to dinner with his parents, the next we do dinner with mine and on Sunday we hang out with my sibling at a sport event... He met my parents briefly twice before and they liked each other (we had borrowed a car for the weekend). After "family" weekend are things going to be more serious in our relationship and do you think we will hang out more often? The following week we're going out for dinner with his 3 best friends (who I haven't met yet) and their girlfriends/wives/ fiancé's.


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  • It sounds like he's doing all he can to bring you into his circle of family and friends. That's a good sign. Be at your best, be helpful where you can, and have fun. Your bonding with his family and his with your family can only lead to a strong relationship. Don't rush into thinking about marriage, let him introduce the idea first. Four months isn't a long time for dating and don't worry if it takes a year for him to bring up the idea of marriage. But right now, it sounds like you two are a match.

    • awe thank you... ha ha I'm so not bringing up marriage any time soon! I may hint at moving in with him another few months from now when my lease is ending but that would be it.. I'm not in a rush to get married right now I'm more excited to meet goals like sharing holidays, saying I love you and then living together...

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