Should I tell my boyfriend I want to live with him?

I want to move in with my boyfriend or vice versa...should I wait til he brings up the subject or invites me to move in? Or should I just tell him I want to and see what he says?


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  • It depends on how long you've been together and how serious you BOTH are about the relationship. If you feel like he's your soul mate and you love each other equally, it wouldn't hurt to bring it up. You don't have to make it a question either. You could just say to him, 'it'd be so lovely to be able to wake up to you every morning' or something along those lines and he'll take the hint. If he doesn't go along with it and is pretty cold in response to it, you know he's not ready to move in with you. If he plays along and says he wishes he could too, then suggest to move in together.

    I've only been with my boyfriend for 6 months but a couple months ago, we started talking about moving out together one day. I can't remember who said it first (probably him), but we'd always say we wanted to spend all day, every day together and go to sleep together and it turned into wanting to move in together one day. So like I said, you don't have to be straightforward in asking, just hint! :)


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  • Be bold!

    Tell him!

    Watch his face!

    Then take off your clothing!

    • Sounds like a win/win! And a huge bonus if he says yes!

    • Exactly! Now you're thinking like a champion!

  • No harm in just talking about it casually. Depends on the strength of the relationship.

    I asked my Girlfriend about moving in after only a couple of months, lol! But, we've been together 13 years now!

    She wanted to wait, but only because it was her first ever apartment on her own. After the commute back and forth to each others' places, and a few months more time, she said it was time to go for it. There is obviously risk. Moving stuff in, and then moving out if it doesn't go well! But the upside is its awesome to live with someone you're really well suited for.


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  • i think you can talk about your relationship and see what he thinks rather than waiting or asking yourself.


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