Harmless Facebook banter or not?

So 3 months ago I found Facebook messages between boyfriend and his ex, not just any ex the 19 year old he left his wife for when he was 27, he is now 37, basically they were about meeting up etc, I'm just so hurst by what he wrote it was almost like he was begging her these are some of what he wrote: before I hit 40 we gotta meet up / one day and night were getting hotel for old times sake and you can do want you want to me / def 100% meet if you want to / give me a call next week after my hols to arrange it will be awesome you can take your midlife crisis out on me! Then he clearly never heard back so eight says later he messaged her again she was on hols so it was left with him saying catch up soon xx

No clearly I have gone mad he claims it was all just banter and he was drunk when he done it and yes 100% I know he was when he sent the first ones but he wasn't 8 days later when he then messaged her again!

Now this is eating me up, I can't get it out my head it came at a time when our relationship was going so well we were happy and even talking about moving in!

So why did he do it? Was he really going to go through with it? Does he not really love me? Is our relationship not as stable as I thought?

Any advice or views from you guys would be great was it just drunk banter or more ?


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  • The relationship was not as stable as you thought and this mofo is fully aware of what he is doing. "I was drunk baby!" has NEVER BEEN AN EXCUSE particularly because if you're drinking to excess on purpose and then putting yourself in that position ( which is generally premeditated ) then you're just covering your tracks like a fox would.

    Foxes are really not all that smart and they aren't dogs, they are closer to rodents, but we anthromorphize them to be smart, so that's why I chose the fox, see? <- This has more content in it than the rest of what I said particularly because he the dude has a long-standing track record of being a sh*thead. So. . . Tada?


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  • Once a cheater always a cheater. He's no good.

  • i would nto get over it actually.


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