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Hello guys I Broke up with this woman like 2 months ago. She left me for an abusive ex boyfriend we work at the same place and I see her every time I go to work , thankfully I recovered for the situation and am kinda OK now, the problem is I made it clear to her that once she return to her boyfriend that I don't want her back in my life and she said ofc why would I want you back. and still she acts very strange for example am standing doing something on my phone and I see her standing like 10 feet away looking at me , caught her couple of time looking at me. not only one time she just want to get my attention she doesn't talk to me or call me she doesn'twant frindship either but she always give me the looks sad looks angry looks , she is still with her ex and their relation is OK but I can't seem to get rid of her for good I hate when she looks at me and try to grab my attention I don't even know why she acts like that what the hell should I do and I know if her abusive ex leaves her am goanna be in deep sh*t she won't leave my ass alone should I join a witness protection program or something ? Thanks


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  • she is so dumb! but I guess love puts you in deep sh*t! but anyways looking at your situation next time she looks at you ask her if she needs straight up since she is so bitter towards you! if she doesn't respond then just leave her staring at you! don't be mean to her though I think at this point she is comparing you to her abusive ex! lol so far you are leading the race!


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  • i think she regrets dumping you for the ex and doesn't dare come up to speak with you directly since you gave her the ultimatum that if she goes back to him she has to stay out of your life for good, she's settling for longing stares and bitterness

    if she harasses you file a complaint at work for sexual harassment and tell her straight you're not interested and if she keeps trying you'll file a restraining order or something

  • i would just call the cops on her and ask for advice on how to handle the situation.


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