What would you think if your ex girlfriend tells you this?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend and he got a new girlfriend. We dated for almost 4 years and now he's been dating his new girlfriend for 2 months. We were trying to workout during that time and he had begged me back during those months.At first it upset me that it happened but than I thought it was for the best. I don't want him back but it does bother me that he still comes around and hangs with my brother. I mean we were together for a long time and loved and cared about each other. He comes around regularly. Well we still talk as friends and we joke around. Well he was telling a story and he touched my arm. I told him "don't touch me" he said well damn. What do you think he thought when I said that?


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  • He probably thought y'all were cool with each other to where he could touch you but you put him in his place rather harshly. Idk. If it bothers you that he's around put on a poker face when you have to see him but don't purposely hang around. Go out and make plans when he's around and hanging with your brother. I feel like the best way to act around an ex is a) being yourself--act the way you always have and b) conduct your life as though it doesn't matter that the ex is around, because it doesn't.

    • It doesn't bother because we talkas friends. I just think that his girlfriend wouldn't like that. He cared about me a lot and I feel awkward that he thinks he can put his hands on me like that. The other time he slapped my leg and I told him not to do that. I don't know if it's because we did something that he feels he can just put his hands on me when he wants.

    • I can understand that but he should know how his girlfriend is and she probably doesn't know and/or doesn't care. Like I said if he bothers you don't be around him. But if it's just the touching thing you just need to make it clear once and for all that you won't tolerate it.

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  • he was probably surprised that you were so harsh with him

    • I just don't know how to react in this position. I have never been through that before and I said it out of impulse. I think about his new girlfriend and how she wouldn't like that. I am a very respectful person and feel that might be why I didn't want him to touch me. Should I be okay with it and not find it to be something wrong.

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    • are they good friends or something? you live with your brother?

    • Yes. Well we dated for almost 4 years and they've known each other for that long.

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  • well it was harsh so I don't think he overreacted. but if you felt that way he can't get mad.

  • hmm... he wants a friendship maybe and doesn't understand why you are still hurt.


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