Does anyone know the feeling of being cheated on behind your back?

my suppose to be boyfriend was playing me this whole time. I met him in November but since he had his own place, I talked to him about my living situation. I stayed with my mom but we really did not get along. after 3 weeks of dating I moved in with him. I was dealing with his ex so much with texting and calling. last night we was at the fair, his ex repeatedly kept calling him but he ignored her calls for the first time ever. I be finding text messages in his phone that don't match up to what he telling me. the text messages his ex send are like responses from a phone conversation they had together. we took pictures and I posted it on instagram. he refuse to post any pictures of me to show me off to his other family members. instead, he do not like the pictures nor comment on the picture. some of his family members pretended to be nice to me such as we was having a real relationship together. he will not get rid of his ex girlfriend for nothing, all he do is go back on his word. the living agreement we had was that I go half on his bills with him since he can't afford the house for surely, and he take me anywhere I needed to go. I clean,cook,wash and do the duties. he said OK then you can live with me. so we went to the state fair, females began to pop up. I really did not understand it because he be around me all the time. I met him through mutual friends. those friends hardly even talk to me anymore nor recognize our relationship. we go out together such as the store, people said we look cute together. now this has happened I wonder what was I really to him. I'm the only one who post pictures of our relationship on the internet for others such as family to see when he is always active on the internet. he don't talk about me or anything. I have to ask him to at least make it seem like we are dating. he didn't even get on the internet to like the photos. all this time he claimed ot be faithful to me.


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  • well I do but not in the intensity or extent you are talking about. I had a little semi crush this guy for like years, but it got intense and I really liked him for like 8 months. he would flirt and say cute stuff but he just kept me as a back up plan in case he didn't get back with his ex.

  • Sounds like he's trying to hide your relationship


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