Is it normal to feel this way?

My now ex girlfriend broke up with me to be in a relationship with one of my friends...They were both lying for quite a while,till an other friend of mine found out and we broke up.I told her to not talk to me again,a month or so have passed but still I feel really weird in my stomach when I see her.


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  • You are not alone and not the one who had such a rough mess my man. My situation was worse. My Girlfriend cheated on me with one of my best friends in high school. From all that, I learned three lessons, one In this life, you have no REAL friends, 2 you don't trust anyone but your self and 3 always keep your guard up and expect the worst.

    • Hehe,yea I know I am not alone and I feel u!These 3 rules yea sure are true but try to think positive,true friends exist,but they are really rare sadly!

      Thanks for the rules :)

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  • awww c: sucks!

    I do think it's normal to feel that way, it means you actually like/d her.

    I wouldn't have stayed friends with either of them if I were you.

    Don't torture yourself. Find someone new, or just avoid them completely while you manage to move on.

    • Yea it sure sucks!I am not friend with either of them ofc,but I meet her in places like cafes/bars cause we have mutual friends,luckily for me,she is probably feeling the same way,so she either leave or goes to the other side of the room.

      Thanks for your answer :)

    • Welcome! Hope you get over it sooner than soon!

  • A month is not a long time if your feelings for her were strong but if you try you will get over it sooner then later.


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  • Yeah it's normal. She betrayed you and now you feel awkward/weird around her, especially after you told her not to talk to you. it would weird if you didn't feel that way

    • Solid answer,thanks! :)

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