Broke up with my ex about two weeks ago who now wants to just be fwb?

I broke up with my ex out of anger and frustration about two weeks ago well of course I didn't mean to but I was mad and I wanted him to feel somewhat how I felt well it back fired :/ instead he took it and just ran with it! Well during that's break up we've done it 4x 3 out of 4x I spent the night and we cuddled much better than we did when we were together so I figured there was still something there

Well tonight we did again but this time I was sure to question what he wanted(I've been trying to get back with him ever since the break up) well guys first response was I don't know so I reply you wanna just do it and be friends that's it it you wanna get back together? Do you love and care about nd still? He replied yes I do love and care about you but I don't have time to see you besides I try and see you(which is a complete lie he him self could but even keep a straight face) I ask him again do you want to get back together or just keep this going he replies no he's not ready for a relationship like he thought he was and that he just wants to be friends and do it from time to time

I don't know how to take this because we did a lot and did a lot we were always together and were always happy :/ by the way I told him I was done and that were could only be friends nothing more because it was hurting me but he acted as if it meant nothing :/

He's 22 now could this have something to do with his age? What should I do just let go of everything including being friends and if I run into him just say hi and bye? Why is he being this way when he knows of my feelings ffor him? After all we said and done? After all the things that he's told methat he's told no one else? After everything that we obviously common? The same mind frame and all? :/...I'm.sorry but any thoughts it has?
Also I'm wondering if it because he's going and just wants time to enjoy life as a single guy while he can? He would always want to go out and drink and stay out til morning while I myself would just rather catch a movie's with him or go to a Park and talk...could it be that maybe I was coming off to.him as trying to make him settle down to quickly? Because the whole reason we are not together is because I wanted more of his time after work while he wanted to go and party and get drunk til a.m
I guess that makes since butt I just don't get how he can be OK with not having me in his life like how things normally were? I guess I'm wondering could he truly love me and care for me the way that he says he does? But just in need of time to go out and live that "single life"? Should I just back off for awhile even though we agreed to be friends from now on should I check on him every few months?
Also I.feel it's good to know that.the nights we did do it not only.did we cuddle but he was ok.with me spending the night so I feel as if maybe there's something still there? He didn't suggest that I leave so maybe he's just ignoring what is there because he says he's not ready for a relationship?


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  • I seen a lot of places where you went wrong with this. First off when you break up with a guy and you want him to want you back you don't have sex with him. Ever. When your broke up and you still want him back. Now he knows he can still have sex with you even out of a relationship so why would he go back with you? He's already getting milk for free so why would he go buy the cow? You lefted him he obviously was mostly in the relationship for sex and when you broke up with him and he figured out he could still have sex with you he no longer cared for the relationship. He only does thoses little acts of kindness like letting you sleepover and telling you he still loves you because he wants to tell you what you wanna hear so he can keep having sex with you. He wants you to he satisfied with what he says and not expect anymore from him. Don't fall for that bull sh*t. It doesn't matter of her age or if he is busy or not that's all bull. If a guy really cares about you and wants to be with you he will find a way if not he will find a excuse and that's what he did. I think he's just taking advantage of you because he knows you still have feelings for him but really I don't think he ever really cared about you. I know its hard not to believe what they say because you so desperately wanna believe its the trust me I been in this situation before. But he's only using you and you shouldn't let him you deserve to be treated with more respect. Don't waste your time on him when you can find someone who actually loves you and won't make pathetic excuses. I think you should cut him off from your life and stop sleeping with him!dont let him mess with your mind

    • Thanks a bunch I.really appreciate it! That night when I asked what he wanted and he said fw b I told him that I didn't get with him for that and that we could be friends but that he was going to have to go and find (free milk) from some where else because I was done giving it up and being treated with no respect that it was the last time we would be having sex again he didn't even put up fight either you helped me him for he truly is and helped moving on much easier thanks :)

    • You'll welcome! Keep your head up and stay strong. Sometimes us girls have to go through a few frogs before we get the prince. :)

  • yes he don't want to be in relations with u


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