She wants to keep this a secret?

So for the past few months I've been going over to her house to hangout and watch movies and such with her and her roommate *also female* and shed always snuggle up on me and lay on me during so.

Eventually her roommate is gone and she "has no ride to get to work in the morning" and needs me to stay the night in case she needs to go somewhere *car is broke down/has been for almost a year now* and of course things go exactly where you can guess they headed

The day after she texts me and tells me not to tell anyone about this, I agree but every time I'm near her + her friends she's all over me. And its obvious what's going on - I don't understand why she wants to keep it a secret but makes it so obvious and doesn't care?

Sometimes when she's alone in her appt I make plans to come over after work but I don't tell anyone what I'm doing. SHE on the other hand will tell people who may have wanted to chill with me "Oh he's coming over here to spend the night later." WTH? I'm so confused

She was cheated on with her ex and I believe still has strong feelings for even though he cheated on her with her best friend for almost a whole year.

*They also have a kid together if that affects anything*

Yes I've asked her about this twice, I pretend like I think that we are fk buddies and she freaks out saying No no no, I just didn't want some of my family to know I was dating someone else. but I never get a straight answer from her really


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  • if it bugs you then tell her to explain it and make her give you a straight answer

    and if she doesn't and its really bugging you then say your done and leave


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