Remaining friends after a break up?

When you remain friends after a break up but nothing really changed when you see each other (besides not doing/saying typical couple stuff).

Can you say you two don't have feelings for each other anymore?


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  • in rare cases I think people are friends but have no residual romantic feelings

    but in my experiences I was able to remain friends but had romantic feelings for them for a long time. One of my ex's is one of my better friends. but I admit that for the first few years I still "liked her" and at times would hope that maybe we could get back together. Eventually that kind of faded and we jsut remained really really close friends

    • How long did it take for you to start hanging out with her again after she broke up with you?

      What would you do if your ex/friend told you she'd wanna give dating a try again?

    • if she told me now that she wanted to try dating? I'd say no. but it's also been years and years since we've dated so at this point I only see her as a friend.

      we probably started hanging out (I mean we were nice and saw each other a lot right after teh break up) but it was probably a few months before we seemed to feel comfortable being around each other...we quickly reconnected and started hanging out a lot

    • Thanks. It seems so weird to me because my ex want to be friends but we haven't really had much space after she broke up with me. The thought of her wanting to be friends with me is nice but I can't help but feeling she's still into me but is protecting herself from getting hurt. I told her I can't do it right now so we're not having any contact now but it's hard.

  • I think that is why a lot of people just ignore them after a break up. The feelings are still there and they know being around them will only make it harder on them.

    • yeah I'm trying to do so, my ex broke up with me but wants to be friends. I told her I can't do it a few days ago but it's hard either way. I'm interested in how other people handle these kinds of situations in different ways.

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    • that's exactly what I told her and she cried because of it. But she doesn't wanna give it another shot so that's confusion I don't need right now.

    • She still has some kind of emotional attachment to you but if she isn't will to give you another shot it is best if you two stop speaking at least for a while.

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